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Xinyu Chen

About Me

I'm Xinyu Chen, a new graduate student here. I like logic and rule-processing so I think maybe these things are about artificial intelligence. Alife is a interesting area because 'life' is so abundant and everything seems to be 'alive'. No matter what it is, a particle, a molecule, a people or a society, etc. Even some non-material phenomena are like living things: a language, a custom, a trend of fashion, a religion…. Let's try to understand some of them and find out their U-curves.

What's New


  • This is my final deliverables page.
  • Thanks for Professor Ackley and all my wonderful classmates!





  • Change my Story. Use Perfume instead of Stench. First try on Model Description.
  • Thanks for Taylor's help! I took his Algorithm office hour for ALife!
  • Professor 's paper is really a challenge.


  • Talked with professor. I knew how incoherent my idea was. OH, Weak Claim is so difficult to implement!
  • Get focused on Aura. Fix the abstract.
  • Thanks for Trent helped me out with the MFM2.0.10 and the swap thing!
  • Hutton's paper is really relevant with my cells. This paper exactly let me know how naive my idea is!


  • Made a ppt version of William Grey Walter.
  • Prepare for the paper-attack. Thanks a lot to Lucas!



  • Fix the abstract.
  • Leave reproduction problem aside for a while. Let Bad Cell emits Aura first.


  • Fix the abstract.
  • Try a lot on reproduce. Still didn't work well.


  • Let the outmost layer of cell reproduce. But they will not stop. Maybe this can be useful for emiting Aura.


  • Give colors to different layer of Cell. Now they looks like tree rings


  • Merge Cell-Core and Cell-Wall into one element:Cell
  • Make an element Jumper. It will jump away from each other. Maybe useful for cell division behavior.


  • Add Cell Wall boundary-test, LOG and debug helps!
  • Make a little abstractof my project. Thanks for Chris and Lucas. I learned a lot from you guys!



  • 1T challenge:
    • 1st attempt is a box-with holes. The box provide some shelter for fish. It works up to 40+K.
    • There are two big opens easy for fish/shark to enter the box;
    • Also two opens make it easy to come out of the box.
    • I hope this can create some pattern of rotation but it didn't.
    • More boxes can work better. They can separate the fish/shark, which will give the system more
    • robustness.
    • 2nd attempt is a mixture of Dregs, sorters, fish and shark.
    • Dregs will try to keep the Occupied Site Density to about 35%. But fish/shark
    • outgrow Dreg's control
    • Sorters can separate fish/shark more randomly.
    • the 2nd method works better but it didn't survive more than 80K.



  • tried the shark game by add some walls and mazes. Thanks James!
  • Tried to leave tiny crevices on the walls so some luck fishes can escape.
  • Did not survive more than 12-13 K.
  • I wish I could manipulate the maze when sharks were surrounding fishes!
  • I need walking-walls! Someone talked about Movers but I can't remember who. Did Prof A mention it?
  • tried to put some Movers. They break down Walls and scatter them into many tiny walls. Chaos!
  • the ocean is filled with sh, fi, mv, and 'bricks'. It goes well to 120K.
  • When I tried to put these words here, sharks died out around between 130-140K. What happened to them?


  • struggling with MATLAB and math homeworks
  • got the notification from Dave
  • rushed here to fill up a slot


  • Trying to make a page here.
  • Trying to install an Ubuntu into my PC.
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