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The Simulation of Interactions Between Big Structures and Small Particles on The Movable Feast Machine


Too much medicine is harmful. Can we increase the efficiency of medicine? This paper will simulate the interaction between cells and medicine particles on the Movable Feast Machine. The simulation will include the process of growth and replication of cells, as well as the movements of medicine particles. This attempt is inspired by some basic biological phenomena. We will try to study the self-replicating and density-control behaviors of big structures like cells. These studies can help us to do jobs outside the event-window. Maybe we can increase the robustness by doing so.

Hoped-for Outcome

Basic elements are Cell and Medicine. A group of cell atoms will form a big structure to resemble a real Cell. Medicine atoms move randomly so they only have certain possibilities to find tumors and kill them. To increase the efficiency of medicine particles, we designed an element called Aura. Tumors will emit Aura atoms so they attract medicine particles. In real world, this Aura can be implemented by magnetic fields or electric fields. However too strong aura will also damage healthy cells. We will adjust the threshold of Aura to find out its effect on the whole situation.

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