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Maybe This Way: Adaptive Stochastic One-Way Communications in Distributed Systems


Inspired by biology, we present a model of long distance communications in a distributed system. The experiments let tumors emit virtual smells to attract medicine particles. Those virtual smells act as one-way messengers to help roving medicines to locate tumors. On the Movable Feast Machine, communication within event-windows is accurate and bidirectional. Without unique global addresses, these experiments help to extend communication distances outside event-windows, thus to increase the robustness of the Movable Feast Machine.


Basic elements include Tumor, Medicine, and Aura. When Medicines roaming the universe, they only have a certain possibility to find Tumors and kill them. To increase the chances for Medicines to locate Tumors, we let Tumors to emit Auras as if they are sending out messengers to Medicines. In the world of distributed computation, Tumors can be some hosts in need of certain resources, and Auras can be broadcast messages. We can use these messages to allocate resources without a global address manage mechanism. This is a step towards more robust computations.

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