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Max Ottesen

I'm a CS undergrad here at UNM. I'm in my 4th year and am minoring in music (voice, more specifically). In my free time I like to rock climb and play video games.

Project Page



Crit 2

Crit 1


9/21/14 - 9/29/14

  • Made Staff, Note, and Composer elements
  • Read about Chris Langton and made a page about him
  • Turned 20 on the 28th

8/25/14 - 9/08/14

  • Been trying stuff out for shark week challenge 2
  • Tried the suggestions that other people suggested like walls, but I couldn't find consistently stable wall configurations
  • Tried using the Data element like Ezra suggested
  • Also tried using the Ix element and it works great, just like the data element. My longest run was > 100 kAEPS before I had to leave the CS lab. I'm not sure if this is true, but the Ix element seemed to move around slightly more slowly and I seemed to get slightly better results with it compared to the data element. I might just be making stuff up though.
  • Was messing around with the Mq element because I could get it to set up the grid like someone else suggested. That didn't produce great results though (< 30 kAEPS).
  • I'm interested in what the Mq element is actually for


  • Made this page
  • Installed Linux and the MFM on my home machine
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