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Crit 2



The Staff element replicates itself to build a grid across the universe. Each Staff knows its position relative to the first Staff. This represents the musical staff in which the notes lie on. The Notes know what pitch they are based on the position of the surrounding Staff elements. If a Staff sees that it is out of position, it will delete itself. The structure that Staff element creates is self healing, so it can exist in the presence of DRegs.


A Note represents a musical pitch. When the Note's behavior method is called, it checks around itself to verify that its stored pitch and position within the staff are the same. If it is not, it corrects itself.


The Composer is the real guts/brains of this project. It floats around and turns Res into Notes and more Composers. If a Composer finds a Note, it has a chance to move it based on the surrounding notes. Right now, the Composers are trying to build triads. Triads are groups of 3 notes stacked in intervals of thirds. They are easy to make and sound good, so naturally they seemed like the place to start.



  • The MFM universe is big and Event Windows are small
  • Threading bug(s)
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