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Element code

  • runs on 2.0.10

Perl scripts

  • takes the argument “mfsfilename” (include quotes, don't include file extension) and outputs an xml file with the same name.
  • takes the argument “xmlfilename” (again, include quotes but not the file extension) and outputs a txt file containing all of the simplified ratios for all the chords in the give xml file.
  • takes the output of “txtfilename” (include quotes, not file extension) and outputs a dat file containing the average consonance for chords with given numbers of notes.


  • This is not a complete set of all of the data that I used to make my graphs. Some of that data was pulled directly from /tmp/… and I did not save it before it got deleted. I realize that this is a problem, but I figured it would be best to let you know.

Videos from crits (no voice overs)

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