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Install ULAM

If you have installed MFM, you are now ready to install ULAM. This is a new powerful language to develop elements in the MFM environment. If you don't have MFM, you need to go back and have MFM installed first.

Clone the ULAM Repository

You will need to clone the code from github. Git will create a new folder of ULAM, so you don't need to make a new directory.

git clone

After the clone is done, a new directory is created: /home/user/ULAM. The 'user' is your account name.

Configuration of the ULAM

To install ULAM compiler, you need to told ULAM where to find MFM. Touch a configuration file in the /home/user/ULAM/ulam1/ directory. Then put the following code into this file:

#Local configuration
MFM_ROOT_DIR := /home/user/MFM
#Rebuild if local configuration (this file) changes

Install the ULAM compiler

Now you can install the ULAM compiler. Go to the /home/user/ULAM/ulam1/. Type the make command.


If it throws out errors, there may be some missing dependencies. Open your package manager (for example, here we use Synaptic), and make sure you have installed libcapture-tiny-perl. Once you get all the packages installed, try the make again. Welcome to the land of ULAM. This portal will take you to a tour of ULAM programming.

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