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Getting Statistical Data Out of Your Simulation

You have a simulation up and running, but how do you get the statistical data you need ouput to a file? Below you will find some code provided by Professor Ackley that will allow you to do so.

There are two files that need to be modified:

 1. /src/drivers/mfmc/src/main.cpp
 2. /src/sim/include/AbstractDriver.h


To edit the main.cpp file, paste the following code into the Private section of the file:

const char* GetSimDirPathTemporary(const char* format, ...) const
  static OverflowableCharBufferByteSink<500> buf;
  va_list ap;
  va_start(ap, format);
  buf.Vprintf(format, ap);
  if (buf.HasOverflowed())
  return buf.GetZString();


typedef typename CC::PARAM_CONFIG P;
typedef typename CC::ATOM_TYPE T;

Then paste the following in the public section of main.cpp:

virtual void DoEpochEvents(Grid<GC>& grid, u32 epochs, u32 epochAEPS)
  u32 H = Grid<GC>::GetHeight();
  u32 W = Grid<GC>::GetWidth();
  u32 emptyCount = 0;
  for (u32 y = 0; y < H; ++y)
    for (u32 x = 0; x < W; ++x)
      Tile<CC> & tile = grid.GetTile(SPoint(x,y));
       for (u32 x = 0; x < P::TILE_WIDTH; ++x)
        for (u32 y = 0; y < P::TILE_WIDTH; ++y)
          const SPoint pt(x, y);
          const T * atom = tile.GetAtom(x,y);
          //<<<TODO>>> This is where you grab the data from your element. Modify accordingly.
          if (atom->GetType() == Element_Empty<CC>::THE_INSTANCE.GetType())
  //<<<TODO>>> replace FILE_NAME with the file name of your choice
  const char* path = GetSimDirPathTemporary("tbd/FILE_NAME.dat");
  FILE* fp = fopen(path, "a");
  //<<<TODO>>> This is where you output the specific data you need. Modify accordingly.
  fprintf(fp, "%d %d %d\n",epochs, epochAEPS, emptyCount);
  // Remember to let the parent run too!
  Super::DoEpochEvents(grid, epochs, epochAEPS);

Please note: There are 3 TODO tags in the above snippet. These are where you'll need to modify the code to suit your needs.


Now we need to do a small modifcation to the AbstractDriver.h file. Paste the following code into the public section:

const char * GetSimulationBasePath() const
  return &m_simDirBasePath[0];

And that's it! Happy scienceing.

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