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Demitri's WorkLog:

29-Sep-2017 11:36:45PM-0600

Thanks to some old guy who doesn't sleep, I was able to implement an elegant solution for an inversion of the C2D x and y. The following was sent to me by Dr. Ackley:

C2D offset = someFunction();
C2D opposite = -offset;

So, when a scout hits another neuron, or a Myelin sheath, it will immediately invert direction to report that information back to the neuron.


  • Determined that in the spirit of keeping stigmergy a thing, The system will move a little slower than an optimized neuron.
  • Re-formatted my worklog on the wiki


  • What's a good way to determine how much information I should hold in a single neuron? There is 91 bits in our atom, which means 2^(91) (or something like that) possible combinations of bits in our memory. What if we don't need that much? How do we determine a re-structuring if we find out we need more than we've engineered for?


  • I'll make sure to verify that the off-by-one error will fix not affect performance.
  • You're never too old for trix.

Demitri D Maestas 2017/09/30 00:08

29-Sep-2017 04:05:40AM-0600


  • Heavily worked on the scouting mechanism to help a nucleus determine its relative location compared to the Neural structure (or lack thereof) and determine the best course of action.
  • Gave some basic sanity checking to the nucleus before construction.


  • What is the “best” way to work with coordinates? More specifically, what is the best way to work with getting a direction opposite to you in a robust way? Let's say I'm moving in (1,1) each step. How can I determine that I should be going (-1,-1) If I want to switch directions? I can think of some solutions, but they are not very elegant.


  • I'm drinking a chocolate Pinon coffee, and it's really hitting the spot.

Demitri D Maestas 2017/09/29 03:59

12-Sep-2017 08:35:47PM-0600


  • Re-factored the look and feel of the wiki page, made a project page for myself with my blue sky ideas.

Demitri D Maestas 2017/09/12 08:35

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