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More information about indefinite scalability, Robust-First Computing, and the Movable Feast Machine can be found in the following:



  • Pursue Robust Indefinite Scalability (2011): Five page introduction for computer scientists. Abstract begins: For research insights and development potential, we should explore computer architectures designed to scale indefinitely.
  • Beyond Efficiency (2013): Three page Viewpoint essay on Robust-First Computing for general computer-literate readers. See related video below. Subtitle: Esteem for efficiency should be tempered with respect for robustness.
  • Bespoke Physics for Living Technology (2013): Eighteen page Artificial Life journal article on indefinite scalability and the Movable Feast Machine. Abstract begins: In the physics of the natural world, basic tasks of life, such as homeostasis and reproduction, are extremely complex operations, requiring the coordination of billions of atoms even in simple cases.
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