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The initial development of the MFM simulator was supported by Google through a Google Faculty Research Award.

Additional financial (and moral) support has been provided by Jeff Van Dyke and VanDyke Software.

How to contribute

If you get robust-first computing and would like to help, there are many ways to contribute. Here are some:

  • For everybody: Share the ideas, share the videos, share your enthusiasm!
  • For Linux users: Play with the software! Share your finds!
  • For C++ programmers: Develop new elements!
  • For talented UNM CS undergrads: Consider an honors thesis in robust-first computing!
  • For talented UNM CS grads: Although there is currently no additional RA funding available, other interactions such as an independent study may be possible.
  • For open-source hardware people: We need your help for the next-generation tile design project! Contact Dave!
  • For potential funders and patrons: There are many projects that need your support! Contact Dave!
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