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  • 18-Oct-2019: The T2sday Updates are now in their second year! Also, most project discussion takes place in the T2 Tile chat rooms.
  • 25-Nov-2018: There's now a weekly video report on progress building the 'T2 Tile', our prototype indefinitely-scalable hardware!
  • 3-Oct-2017: ULAM v3.0.9 released. Bug fixes and more development towards hardware tiles.
  • 26-Sep-2017: ULAM v3.0.8 released. Bug fixes mostly.
  • 21-Aug-2017: Living Computation, a UNM CS seminar for graduates and undergraduates, starts today, focusing on ulam and the Movable Feast!
  • 8-Aug-2017: ULAM v3 Ubuntu packages now available via ppa:ackley/mfm. Built for xenial, trusty, and precise, for i686, x86-64, and now also arm7hf.
  • 15-Jul-2017: ULAM v3 coming in August!
  • 8-Aug-2016: ULAM v2 announced! Video!
  • 25-Jul-2015: The ulam-users mailing list is now available. Intended for ULAM-related announcements, general discussion, and community support.
  • 25-Jul-2015: Video of the ULAM launch talk in York, UK is now online.
  • 26-May-2015: Building up towards the launch of ULAMv1 and MFMv3 at ECAL 2015 this summer! New pages coming fast now, including a tutorial on ULAM programming and early info on ULAM programming conventions

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