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Joby Elliott

I'm a gazillionth-year CS senior, who was at one point 7 credit hours away from a BFA.

I work as a web developer now, and that's really how I wound up interested in how to build distributed things. The internet is big and people interacting with it is extremely asynchronous. It behooves the web development community to think hard on how to make things robust.

Ulam Public Key

[MFM-Handle:Joby Elliott]

Ulam in Windows

Update: as of the Fall Creators Update, you no longer need to fool around with the insider preview builds.

Now, once you have the 2017 Fall Creators Update, you just go into Windows features, turn on Windows Subsystem for Linux, and install Ubuntu from the store.

Then you can install Xming in Windows, set DISPLAY=:0 in both your .profile and .bashrc, and even GUI programs will work. You could probably even build xlaunch files to make shortcuts in Windows that launch Ubuntu apps through Xming. I've never tried though.

WSL will mount your Windows files in /mnt, organized by drive letter. If you want to mount network drives or other sorts, you have to add them to fstab yourself, like:

//server/share \mnt\xyz drvfs defaults 0 0

One handy thing is that since Windows is handling the underlying requests, it lets you mount things Windows knows the credentials for without having to duplicate the credentials in Ubuntu.

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