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Dave Ackley

Associate professor of Computer Science, professing all things associated with Robust-First Computing and indefinitely scalable computer architecture.


  • 15-Sep-2014 05:56:59PM-0600: My best 1T Egg Drop: and its resulting dynamics:
  • 07-Sep-2014 03:44:35PM-0600: Added a page about Making an MFM video, and a slightly-customized version of the 'vshare' plug-in to allow embedding youtube videos in web pages. Yay for open-source and github making it so easy to apply a quick fix.
  • 25-Aug-2014 01:58:35PM-0600: Umm, configured the timestamp a little better!
  • 2014-Aug-25 01:57:08PM -0600: Added the timestamp plugin! It's the clock at the end of the toolbar!
  • 24-Aug-2014: Spent a chunk of the day writing comments about the simulator running/pausing state machine, about evenly divided between documenting the existing and new design. Threaded code is just so deadly; an ice-nine drop of asynchronous parallelism in a serial deterministic world. The new state machine seems like it should be overkill but I'm not convinced!
  • 18-Aug-2014: First day of class!
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