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Blue Sky Ideas!!!!

Transportation System:

System that can send elements through a path, a path that can change due to the environment such as a disaster or simply a path that is actively changing periodically.

Thoughts: Maybe the system can change due to a majority rule that changes the destination based on the amount of elements there are. Color coding each destination accordingly and changing the destination based on how popular a destination is. Also maybe randomizing the level of importance from high to low.

Behavior : Ecosystem

Elements both animal and plant including herbivores and carnivores that have the ability to change identity due to the availability of resources (plants/animals)

Thoughts: Really enjoyed the plant and herbivore scripts and would like to take it further or create different heuristics that we can analyze. Environment where we can create clusters of animals, plants, herbivores and carnivores that represents how a city is then formed or destroyed. A form of adaptation where a carnivore and herbivore can become “vegan” due to a limitation of plant resource which will allow the animal element to reproduce reducing its chance of extinction and vice versa!

Mini world : Data sending and exploration (outerspace program)

Develop a living computation system that once a planet or quadrant has reached its maximum occupancy an element is sent to explore a different quadrant looking for available space once the output is true then the element(drone) would then send a signal allowing a people element on the habitable quadrant to travel to the empty quadrant to inhabit.

Thoughts: It could be a combination of blue sky ideas that incorporate into one!!!! eg. Behavior Ecosystem and Mini world! Then we could definitely develop a extensive Ecosystemic World! Have a system of quadrants that each has their own unique ecosystem.

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