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CS491/591 Fall 2014 Week 1

Who are we:

  • Dave Ackley:
  • James Vickers: Ugrad, now grad an UNM. Sandia-ite. Youtube videos were interesting. Simple living things are..
  • Andres: Colombia ugrad, now grad UNM; works with Trilce. Could change everything. Be involved in the future. Colombia CS profs more interested in the money.. the grants.. No computer science in Colombia.
  • Chris: Weirdo. Film degree. Computer Science year-and-a-half; still feel impostor syndrome. Here because FrobWorld was cool. Not so much researchy. Lots of jerks “big personalities” in film and CS. Pirates of the Caribbean. Scare Tactics.
  • Trent: Ugrad in CS. Working with Ackley-here. Working on the software. Interests in cellular automata; more potential than payoff. Into CS for entertainment.
  • Ezra Stallings: Minor in IFDM, hated it. Interested in games; took the AI class. AI: Little big for the buck. Interesting from the esthetics PoV. Less Alife on google than you'd think.
  • Max Ottesen: Wondering about grad school. Saw the videos. Rock climb. Busted an ankle. Fell 20'. Oww.
  • Safee: New grad student. Bangladesh. Computational biology. Sequencing. Anti-sense RNA for HIV. Samsung mobile development.
  • Lucas: Grad CS. Close to done, hoo-hah! Took AI electives; ran out. Scraping the bottom of the barrel, here. Can't AI at work, so.. Machine learning stuff was cool. Wondering what the future might have out of this class. Would Google hire this stuff?
  • Taylor: New grad student. YASandiaite. Old fashioned Correctness S/W SUCKS HARD. Needed an Ackley class, scraping the bottom of the barrel. President of the fencing club.
  • Chinyu: Videos: Always working! Everything is life! A country is life. Many things share pattern.. Anything born, hang around, die: Life. China is interesting. Tibet. Walked around Kimash; two days.
  • Ronnie: New grad student. From Albuquerque! Interested in AI, ALife, cognitive science, biologically-inpsired computing… and other stuff. Been doing some research in computational complexity; looking forward to coding up robotic monsters to overthrow world.

Dave opening rant: It all sucks, but that's okay.

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