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Hutton (2007),
 Evolvable Self-Reproducing Cells in a Two-Dimensional Artificial Chemistry
 [Be careful to check the name!  There are similar titles out there!]

[ON CS FILE SERVERS, NOT ON WEB] ~ackley/public/591/hutton-achem2d.pdf

[D] Ottesen, Max
[_] Small, Trenton               Sample questions
[A] Stallings, Ezra
[_] Berger, Taylor               What exactly is being claimed in the paper?
[_] Chen, Xinyu                  How do the presented models operate?
[_] Garduno, Ronald              What behavior do the models show?
[A] Nunno, Lucas                 What claims are they used to support?
[_] Ruiz Cardozo, Andres
[_] Symonds, Christopher
[D] Vickers, James

(progn (load-library "randomizer")
(randomize "_" '("A" "D" "A" "D")))
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