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Joaquin Serna

I'm a 3rd/4th year Computer Science student at the University of New Mexico. I currently work with a local firm designing a GUI for satellite operators. I am interested in robust-first computing primarily because I have no idea what it means to be robust-first. Being relatively new to programming, I have only ever been “master of the universe” with deterministic programming. My hope is to complement my design processes by gaining a better understanding of what it means to be robust-first.


Ulam Public Key:

[MFM-Handle:joaquin a serna] —–BEGIN RSA PUBLIC KEY—– MIGJAoGBAOiGdOPTck/IzQ7Z8uNeAUrQ81Xw3gEATaNusOZLoFMlAQf/QjnlUtz7 /Zr0pNSvSfFQu/WPtVHyvjsgswoj19gIdS72wvMU5uHZmyD76XSAUp0i4cbf7Fx3 tXTkjgwMMUWjyZoV9wWoHzZDJBIGN3mgwDwqMmkb66Hcj/7AegvnAgMBAAE= —–END RSA PUBLIC KEY—–

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