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Ezra Stallings

I'm an undergrad in Computer Science here at UNM, planning on working on entertainment software in some way, shape, or form after graduating. Artificial life is interesting to me from a number of different angles, primarily the aesthetics of a-life systems, but also the robust computation aspects, as well as the slightly esoteric, ultimately irrelevant “is it life?” philosophical debate.

More of an implementation oriented person than a science-y one, but not exclusively so.

I worked on Siphon (IFDM), Automaton and Polyomino (In-Progress).

I have a saved, exported VirtualBox image of Linux Mint with the MFM installed if anyone wants it

Project: Pathfinding in the MFM

Researcher Presentation: Takashi Ikegami



  • Made presentation for crit 1


  • Worked with Trent in lab on my project; got a couple of elements partly implemented.
  • The MFM has a beast of a codebase.


  • Refined my project idea and made -the plunge- to do something different than what I had originally planned.


  • Got to 190+ kAEPS with the latest shark week challenge before MFMS crashed.
  • Lab machines can't encode what I had so far as video (no libx264)
  • Here's some screenshots: Imgur


  • Got to 3,373 kAEPS when I entered the lab this morning


  • Luke and I played with different types of elements for the shark week challenge 2.
  • Beat 80kAEPS with unmodified fish/sharks. Got to 400kAEPS when I left the lab


  • Worked on shark week challenge 2 in lab. Results so far are… unpromising
  • Difficulty compounded by screwed up screen resolution on lab computers. Can't see both board-fill statistics and speed statistics. Can't fix it in system settings. [03-Sep-2014 03:56:01AM-0600 Dave: Post a screenshot of the issue?]


  • Worked on shark week challenge 2 in lab with Chris. Unable to get past 80 kAEPS


  • Worked on shark week challenge 2 in lab. No dice.


  • People page created
  • Got MFM running on Debian Mint inside VirtualBox
  • But God, is it ever slow
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