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MFM Usage Tips


Some keyboard controls:

  1. 'h' to show/hide help menu (list of all keyboard controls)
  2. 'i' to show/hide info panel (population counts, timer, some controls)
  3. 't' to show/hide toolbox (create/destroy objects, edit settings)
  4. SPACEBAR to start/stop simulation
  5. Arrow keys - pan view of MFM grid

Saved state feature

From Professor Ackley:

   "When you click 'Save State', it writes out a file in a temporary directory.  You can find the name of 
    that file by looking at the console output or typing 'l' in the interface.  It's usually some kind of 
    name like
    Because /tmp is temporary, if you get a save file you like, you should probably copy it off someplace    
    else.  To restart from a saved position, you need to mention its path name in a -cp argument on the
    command line.  Like if you ran:
                 mfms -cp file1.mfs -cp /path/file2.mfs
    then it will try to load file1.mfs on startup, and if you then hit 'Reload', it'll alternately load
    /path/file2.mfs and file1.mfs each time you click it.

MFM Tool Questions

These are questions and comments on how to use / usability of the mfms GUI tool.

  • Is there a way to change the brush radius? I see a 2 next to the nuke icon, but I don't know how to change it.
  • Is there a way to start back at 0 kAEPS? I cleared the grid, but I would like to reset the timer. I clicked Reload, but it doesn't seem to do anything…
  • I would like to be able to change the variables of an Atom after right clicking, but it seems like the variables only appear on a left click, which changes the bindings.
  • Having the toolbox be a separate window would be nice so I could see the grid and the toolbox at the same time.
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