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 +====== MFM Usage Tips ======
 **Basics** **Basics**
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       /​path/​file2.mfs and file1.mfs each time you click it.       /​path/​file2.mfs and file1.mfs each time you click it.
 +===== MFM Tool Questions =====
 +These are questions and comments on how to use / usability of the mfms GUI tool.
 +  * Q: Is there a way to change the brush radius? I see a 2 next to the nuke icon, but I don't know how to change it.
 +    * A: Use the scroll wheel, with the mouse positioned over grey background in the toolbox
 +  * Q: Is there a way to start back at 0 kAEPS? I cleared the grid, but I would like to reset the timer. I clicked Reload, but it doesn'​t seem to do anything...
 +    * A: At present (29-Aug-2014 02:​44:​17AM-0600) the only way to reset the timers is to restart. ​ There'​s a lot of distributed internal counters and stats behind the main AEPS display so resetting it properly is a little more involved than might appear.
 +  * Q: I would like to be able to change the variables of an Atom after right clicking, but it seems like the variables only appear on a left click, which changes the bindings.
 +    * A: Good point! ​ Have to look into that!
 +  * Q: Having the toolbox be a separate window would be nice so I could see the grid and the toolbox at the same time.
 +    * A: mfms is a 'one window'​ app by pretty deep design, so that would be a major change. ​ But you can get much of the effect by using the scroll wheel over the grid to shrink it a bit, and/or use the arrows or Ctrl-Left-Drag to move the grid, so that the toolbox doesn'​t cover it up.
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