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Week One

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Week Two

Q: Dynamic atom coloring?

We can override some properties of an element, such as its color, when we were programming C++ to create elements on the MFM. How can we do the same thing in ULAM? I want to create two types of Res with different colors. (This is a simplification of the Aura and Medicine element. Later I will convert them to real Aura and Medicine)

A: 28-May-2015 01:04:05PM-0600 There was a getColor() special function to allow the ULAM programmer to determine atom colors at runtime, but that mechanism is currently broken by the in-progress Site redesign efforts. Hope for getColor or some replacement to reappear within a week!

Q: Access other atom data members?

Sometimes we want to get other Atom's data member. In the 'Aura and Medicine' game, a Medicine atom will compare the density that it observed with the density stored in another Aura atom. How can we access the data member of other atoms? I tried to write like this but got compile errors:

Atom a = ew[slot];
Int yourDensity = a.density;

A: 29-May-2015 04:37:12AM-0600: Probably the most straightforward is to use an 'is' expression combined with a cast:

Atom a = ew[index];
if (a is Foo) {       
  Foo f = (Foo) a;    // Note that f is a copy of a!
  Int n = f.fooField;
  // ..use n for something..
} // else a is not a Foo

If you want to modify fields of an atom this way, you need to write the changes back:

element Foo {
  EventWindow ew;
  Int(7) fooField;

  Void behave() {
    if (ew[1] is Foo) {
      Foo f = (Foo) ew[1];  // Makes a copy
      ++f.fooField;         // Modifies the copy
      ew[1] = f;            // Updates eventwindow

Q: WindowServices next() returning -1?

I have a problem using WindowServices with a for loop. I printed out the value of It is '-1'. I think that's why the code inside the for loop is not performed. Please tell me again how to pick a nearby neighbor in my EventWindow so that I can read or modify its fields.

WindowServises ws;
Signal s;
Int st=au.getType((Atom) s);
    for (Int idx =; idx >= 0; idx = {
       Atom a = ew[idx];
       if (a is Signal) {
          //compare your density with mine

A: 29-May-2015 06:24:01PM-0600: The WindowServices next() method returns -1 when there are no more event window indices to scan in your chosen range.. but the main issue here is: You don't want to use both a ws.scan() call and a for loop with, you want one or the other. If you use scan, then you use getHits to see if anything matched, and getPick to get a randomly-chosen match. That code has got other issues too (e.g., WindowServices).

Q: How to access event window site number when using ''WindowServices scan()''?

Thank you! I fixed the code. This time I use the for loop on I wanted to use ws.scan(someType) but then if I used ws.getPick(0) to find a match, how would I know its actual index in the event window?

WindowServices ws;
Random rdm;
Request r;
Int rt=au.getType((Atom) r);
  Atom a= ew[idx];
  if(a is Request){
    Request you=(Request) a;

A: 29-May-2015 11:08:39PM-0600: As long as the corresponding ws.getHits returns greater than zero, then return value of ws.getPick is the event window index! You can do stuff like:

WindowServices ws;
Request r;
Int rt=au.getType((Atom) r);
if (ws.scan(rt)) {            // Any matches for rt?
  Atom a = ew[ws.getPick(0)]; // Yes! Access chosen slot
  if(a is Request){           // This 'if' will always succeed..
    r = (Request) a;
    .. use r.density etc ..

or even this:

WindowServices ws;
Request r;
Int rt=au.getType((Atom) r);  // Get type of element Request
if (ws.scan(rt)) {            // Any matches for that?
  r = (Request) ew[ws.getPick(0)]; // Yes! Access slot of chosen one
  .. use r.density etc ..

because that particular ws.scan(rt) can only return true if ws.getPick(0) is going to return the event window index of a Request atom. (It's not this easy, though, if you are scanning for multiple things simultaneously.)

Thank you professor! Now I understand that ws.getPick(typeIndex) returns an event window index. But this is a one shot pick right? ws.getPick(typeIndex) can randomly pick one atom of this type. When I want to select an atom of this type but also has the maximum value of a certain data member, I should use the for loop to check each atom of this type and get this maximum atom. Like here I want to find the Request ATOM which has the max density value within this EventWindow.

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