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Notes 25-Aug-2014

  • 25-Aug-2014 03:46:32PM-0600 Blah great think about blah! Dave Ackley!
  • Shark Week parameters
    • Taylor: SB: 65, EPF: 5, FB: 20 >40kAEPS
    • Chris: SB: 15, EPF: 4, FB: 5 >150kAEPS
    • Vickers: SB: 73, EPF: 3, FB: 13 >90kAEPS
    • Andres: SB: 100, EPF: 5, FB: 50 >170kAEPS
    • Xinyu: SB: 55, EPF: 4, FB: 20 >70kAEPS
    • Trent: SB: 15, EPF: 5, FB: 6 >62kAEPS
    • Ronnie: SB: 48, EPF: 12, FB: 20 ~20kAEPS
    • Ezra: SB: 100, EPF: ~20's, FB: ~Z5 ~15kAEPS
    • Lucas: SB: 20, EPF: 10, FB: 20 ~30kAEPS

Project ideas

  • Lucas: Civilization
  • Vickers: Disease, e.g., shark pathogen, infectious between sharks. study effects on virus spread, population.
  • Ezra: Build a self-evolving gating. E.g., a car that goes until it hits a sign, and the sign says what to do next. “Self-adapting distributed traffic control”
  • Taylor: Put a neural network in that mofo. Maybe a dendritic tree from a DLA process. “An indefinitely scalable brain”
  • Max: Music generation. Moving notes, y axis for semitones. “The Real Music of Artificial Life”
  • Ronnie: Attack the DHS: Derailing the sorting. Adversarial data. “A sorting muscle”. Data rate. Occasionally. “Robust sorting in the face of malicious attacks”
  • Andres: Data privacy. Robustness vs privacy. Redundancy is risk. Provable sercurity via light cone protection.
  • Xinyu: Emotions inside the brain. Events are postiive or negative. How to operationalize. “Finding happiness in robust whatever xxx”
  • Chris: Frobworld with swords and altruism. Altruism in a condition of scarcity. Interplay of group and individual.
  • Trent: Artificial chemistry, forming covalent bonds. Building molecules out of atoms. Effects of geometry. DLA forming? Movable bag.
  • “Shark Birth Control” “Shark Hara-kiri”
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