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Crit 3 Formal Research Presentations Signup

If you are one of the folks that got 'first dibs' on crit 3, put your name in one slot in the table below, replacing a CxWyPz available. After 4AM Mountain time on Thursday, Nov 20, 2014, anybody can sign up in any available slot! Don't move other people's names! First-come first served, after 20-Nov-2014 04:00:00AM-0700! People not signed up by Sun Nov 23 will be assigned positions starting from earliest available! Try not to mess up the table formatting!

Position Week 1: Nov 24, 2014 Week 2: Dec 1, 2014
1 Xinyu Chen Vickers
2 Lucas Nunno (presentation Powerpoint PDF) Trent Small
3 Chris Symonds Andres Ruiz
4 C3W1P4 available Ezra Stallings
5 Taylor Berger Max Ottesen
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